Identification of febrile persons

The thermal camera system automatically detects a feverish person so that the necessary actions can be taken. By doing so, a potential pandemic will not spread and will protect workers as well as customers.

Measuring is fast and does not require another person to be in close contact. The thermal camera alarms with an alarm sound and visually on the display when the limit value is exceeded. Identifying feverish individuals is extremely important to ensure work and continuity.

Thermal camera systems

The thermal camera and its calibration unit are extremely easy to install and commission. The thermal camera can be mounted with a magnet, for example on a ceiling or access opening, or it can be placed on a tripod so that it can be moved anywhere. For example, a warm coffee cup does not cause an unnecessary alarm, but the thermal camera can accurately identify a person and accurately measure heat from the forehead. Contact us and we will discuss the solution that suits you!

We now have high-quality E-Guardian S408 thermal cameras!

High accuracy, margin of error only ±0.5°C.
Real-time thermal image.
You can clearly see the image from an 8 “tablet.
Alarm sound when limit values ​​are exceeded.

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