Production automation increases productivity and capacity in your production

Our goal is to find the best and most cost-effective way for our customers
to automate their production.

Tuotantoautomaatio laite

Production automation offers technology that can be used to automate factory work at moderate costs, increase production capacity and make operations automatic. Therefore certain manual work steps in production can be speeded up or reduced.

Production automation for the manufacture of the device is started from the needs mapping with the customer, and the end result is a functional equipment that is delivered to the customer as a complete delivery. We cooperate with well-known and reliable robot manufacturers and equipment suppliers. We use the latest technology and the possibilities it offers in the control of the devices, and you can trust that through us you will always get entities realized with the latest top technology.

Automation is an important factor in maintaining a company’s competitiveness

With the help of production automation, routine and plain work tasks can be assigned to a robot, making it possible to utilize existing resources for more demanding tasks. The work, or at least some stages of the work, can be automated, and thus the productivity of the line improves when the robot does the work faster and more efficiently than a human, and even in several shifts.

In addition to conveyor systems, our selections include material handling and robot systems, as well as related actuators and machine vision systems. With the help of our planning, programming, simulation and consulting services, we can ensure that the end result is an efficient and trouble-free production process that meets the customer’s requirements.

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