production control system

If you are looking for a comprehensive system to take care of flexible production processes in your company, LeanEngine MES production control system is your solution.

LeanEngine tuotannonohjausjärjestelmä

The production control system brings efficiency to production processes

LeanEngine is a production control system created especially for the needs of the manufacturing industry, which combines factory production into an efficient and competitive entity. With the LeanEngine MES system, you organize your production so that you know what materials are in production, where the materials are located and what their value is. The system combines production machines and devices into a unified, functional entity, so that all areas of production play the same tune.

Clear information management

With this software you can
effortlessly track information and work flow and stay up to date with the processes in different phases

Cost effectiveness

LeanEngine ensures the cost-effectiveness of the work, and that the time spent searching for materials is freed up for systematic work


The software links materials to different production processes and directs the right materials to the right place at the right time

Controlled material flows

LeanEngine manages material flows and allows you to place materials where they are needed at any
given time

LeanEngine tuotannonohjausjärjestelmä ohjelmistonäkymä

MES manages material flows

LeanEngine automates what can reasonably be automated and ensures that the work runs cost-effectively. The software brings fluidity to the flexible management and optimization of material flows and the automation of internal logistics. With LeanEngine, the tasks of transporting materials can be assigned to mobile robots, without forgetting the use of traditional means of transport.
The LeanEngine production control system has been developed to run the entire factory’s material flows and it automates the flow between different production processes.

LeanEngine is a visual way to tell about the status of production, and with it you can monitor the planned execution of production processes in real time, even from remote connections. The system is divided into four different entities. The open structure of the software enables flexible implementation step by step, so that the most necessary functions for your own production can be tailored to your needs.

Effortless operating system is customizable
according to your needs

Because we wanted to make the system as easy to use as possible, the program is built to be cloud-based. Consequently, the necessary investments in your company remain as light as possible, and server machines are not needed. With LeanEngine, you can monitor production processes in real time even from remote connections, and control can be done easily and flexibly with a PC, tablet or even a mobile phone. The modular structure enables customization of the software to meet the needs of your production.