Flexlink’s high-quality conveyor systems
automate the flow in production

We bring Flexlink’s high-quality solutions available to you from individual components
to complete conveyor systems that increase efficiency in production processes.

Flexlink’s services help when you need more competitiveness

The selection of Flexlink, which manufactures conveyor equipment, is one of the most advanced and broadest in the industry. The product range covers products from individual components to complete conveyor systems. Flexlink’s solutions are based on their solid industry awareness and high product quality.

For over 35 years, Flexlink’s services have enabled manufacturers to manage their own production efficiency with innovative and automated solutions aimed at producing materials smarter, safer and at lower costs.

Intelligent automation

Intelligent automation connects everything production resources to improve overall efficiency. Flexlink’s solutions improve overall efficiency by reducing lead times and unnecessary procedures.


The solutions adapt to fluctuations in demand and make new products and improvements easy to implement. The result is better products and responsiveness that gives a significant competitive advantage.

Automated flow

Advanced solutions with easy user interfaces increase the efficiency of production systems, reduce waste and costs. Quality monitoring and tracking of products is also possible from a flight.

Flexlink kuljetushihna

Customized solutions for all automation needs

Flexlink’s goal is to add value to every step of the processes. The products help manufacturers to develop the efficiency of existing processes or to design and install new lines, which is always based on the idea of ​​high overall efficiency and rate of return. Flexlink constantly invests in its product development to ensure the quality and efficiency of products and solutions in the long term.

Flexlink not only conveys products and services, but also offers advanced tools for measuring the efficiency of systems and for simulating and reviewing custom-made automation solutions. Investing in Flexlink’s products and services is a safe way to implement a seamless and efficient flow in production. The solutions are modifiable and reusable and require little maintenance to operate.

Products and services

  • Aluminum conveyor systems
  • Conveyor systems made of stainless steel
  • Pallet trucks
  • Industry-specific solutions
  • Control systems and OEE -tools
  • Safety technologies
  • Robotics solutions


  • Automotive industry
  • Battery industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Food industry
  • Hygiene industry
  • Pharma and healthcare industry
  • Tissue industry
  • Tobacco industry

Link to the Flexlink homepage: www.flexlink.com

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