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internal logistics
– Nipper and Fetch

Through us, you get efficient mobile robots, which you can use to improve efficiency and optimize internal logistics without huge costs. Our goal is to find the most cost-effective and the best a way to automate production using mobile robots.

Check out Nipper and Fetch!


Nipper is a smart and compact automatic forklift for internal pallet transfer. The compact pallet truck can easily lift pallets weighing up to 1000 kg and navigate in tight spaces, which makes Nipper a versatile and smart forklift. Quality safety components such as a 360 scanner, BlueSpot, emergency stop bumpers and buttons have been installed to ensure the Nipper can move safely in occupied spaces, making it an excellent tool for production or warehouse environments.

Using a Nipper increases safety, reduces costs and prevents damage and accidents in warehouses. The robot’s intelligent software allows you to customize routes, connect multiple Nippers and easily change existing commands. The device can also be connected to the logistics software interface. Nipper does not need its own infrastructure, but it figures out its location based on the structures and contours of the area. So there is no need to install wires, magnets or reflectors for the device.

Nipper charges itself automatically, and thanks to the battery management system, the charging time is kept short. The intelligent software communicates with Nipper using WiFi, and after the command, Nipper performs the task independently. The Nipper’s speed is 3.6 km/h (1 m/s), and the device’s work screen immediately gives a status view of the Nipper.

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Fetch robotics

The market’s most versatile independently operating Fetch mobile robot is designed to save the company’s most valuable asset, i.e. time. Fetch is the only cloud-based robot on the market, which means you don’t need special internal internet networks or equipment investments.

The background of the Fetch mobile robot is an easy-to-use cloud service, from which you can smoothly monitor the robot’s work and progress. With the application-based program, it is easy to monitor the robot’s work even from remote connections using normal mobile devices. The deployment of the mobile robot is quick, and the first work tasks can be completed within the same day. Fetch can be deployed on almost any hardware in just a few hours without making any changes to the warehouse or IT infrastructure.

Mobile robot for all loads

The wide range of Fetch Robotics available includes mobile robots for various tasks,
e.g. for the transfer of goods, data collection and inventory. An autonomous robot can be used to find, track and move
almost all materials in production, as much as 1500 kg of load.

Our expert staff will help you find a versatile selection
a robot that suits your needs for every work task.

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