The only UVC-Led disinfection robot on the market.

The robot is disinfected using UVC light (275nm wavelength). Light destroys bacteria, viruses, and protozoa.

The robot performs the planned disinfection task independently. The robot determines its route autonomously, taking into account and avoiding obstacles.

The robot and light safety system ensures that the robot operates safely without endangering humans or animals.

Disinfection points are easy to teach and the amount is unlimited.

Disinfection time for different items can also be set freely.

It will take approximately 2-4 hours to deploy the new system.

The robot creates a map of the area where the robot moves. The robot needs a WiFi connection to work and it can be implemented with 4G.

The robot monitors the battery charge level and charges itself automatically. The required input power of the equipment is 160W.

The interface that controls the robot is browser-based (tablet, phone, or computer).

From the interface, you can monitor the robot’s movements and observe the progress of disinfection remotely.

The robot’s work steps are stored in a database where they can be checked later.

Example of cleaning time in relation to room size:

A room with a floor area of ​​47.0 m2, height less than 3 m is disinfected per hour to a reduction of 99.99%.

With an area of ​​64.5 m2, a reduction of 99.9% per hour can be achieved.