Fight against viruses with the help of disinfection devices

Our product range includes an independent disinfection robot and
manual disinfection equipment, with which you ensure customers and users
in security facilities where bacteria and viruses can easily spread

The only disinfection equipment on the market implemented with UVC-Led technology

A-J Automation’s disinfection equipment has been developed to efficiently clean surfaces and air, and it destroys 99.99% of the harmful pathogens in the space to be cleaned. Disinfection of the equipment takes place with the help of UVC light (wavelength 275nm), which effectively destroys bacteria, viruses and protozoa from the environment.

The device cleans an area of ​​145 m² per hour from harmful pathogens, without causing danger to people or animals. The safety circuit and the scanner ensure that the operation of the device does not pose a danger to people or animals. When detecting movement in the environment, the device stops working immediately, and then resumes when it is safe again. Immediately after disinfection, the premises can be used safely.

The disinfection equipment cleans the premises safely and efficiently

Disinfection equipment is especially useful in spaces that require sterility, such as hospitals, operating theaters and patient rooms, but it is also a great help for e.g. gyms, offices, shops or airports to clean surfaces and air.

In order to work, the equipment needs a Wi-Fi connection, which can be implemented using 4G. The user interface used to control the operation of the hardware is browser-based, and the software can be used with a tablet, phone or computer.

Why choose disinfection equipment to take care of cleanliness?

Effective disinfection

LED light destroys up to 99.99%
of harmful pathogens in
your premises


Security system make sure the hardware is working without causing danger to people
or for animals


The software knows how long it takes to disinfect each specified point


The user friendly interface enables remote monitoring of the disinfection progress

An autonomous disinfection robot

The disinfection robot brings flexibility and efficiency, especially to the cleaning of large spaces, where the distances are large. The robot moves independently from one disinfection point to another, taking into account and avoiding obstacles that come in front. If the robot detects obstacles on the route, it determines an alternative route for movement.

Commissioning the disinfection robot is effortless and quick, taking only 2–4 hours. With the help of the robot, a map of the area in which the robot moves is created. Disinfection objects are easy to teach the robot, and there is no limit to their number. The disinfection time for different objects can also be freely determined according to how much attention the object to be disinfected requires.

The robot monitors the battery charge level and charges itself automatically. If the task has been left unfinished, after charging the robot continues the task independently. The robot performs the disinfection completely independently, but from the user interface you can follow the robot’s movements and observe the progress of the disinfection remotely. The robot’s working steps are saved in the database, from which they can be checked later. The input power required by the equipment is 160W.

Manual disinfection equipment

Our manually movable disinfection equipment is well suited for locations where the robot cannot perform cleaning due to lack of space or other obstacles. The power of the equipment is based on the same UVC-Led light as in the disinfection robot, the only difference is that moving the equipment is handled by transporting it from one place to another. With the disinfection device, you can clean the environment for no less than seven hours with a single charge.

The objects to be disinfected and the time used for disinfection are defined in an easy-to-use user interface, so the user of the device is only responsible for moving the device. The equipment performs the cleaning independently, and after the specified cleaning time, when the disinfection ends, the device announces the completion of the work and is ready to be moved to the next point. From the user interface, you can follow the progress and completion of the disinfection.

An example of the cleaning time in relation to the size of the room:

A room with a floor area of ​​47.0 m2 and a height of less than 3 m is disinfected in an hour to a reduction of 99.99%.
If the area is 64.5 m2, a reduction of 99.9% can be achieved in an hour.

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